Using Excel for Qualitative Data Analysis

This article, written by Susan Eliot for The Listening Resource provides detailed guidance on the use of a step-by-step process for using Excel as a tool to support the analysis of qualitative data for research or evaluation purposes.

Website is currently down - 31/03/15. View cached version (text only) here.


  • Assumptions
  • Worksheet Template
  • Data Entry
  • Coding and Categorizing
  • An Example
  • Making Comparisons
  • Step-by-Step Guide


Eliot, S. The Listening Resource, (2011). Using excel for qualitative data analysis. Retrieved from website:

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Stacy Miller

I am unable to access any part of the Qualitatve Researcher site. Does it still exist?  Even going to the home page generates a page that says:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Apache Server at Port 80

Nick Herft's picture
Nick Herft

Hi Stacy,

Their site should still exist, however they have exceeded their "Internet traffic" quota per month. It should be back up in their next billing month (can't tell you when that is). I'd check back on the site in a week or so and it might be back online.

For the time being, I found a text-only cached version of the article. Unfortunately none of the hyperlinks or images will work, however there is a substantial amount of text information which is hopefully useful. I've saved it into a word doc you can download here:


Anonymous's picture

I also cannot access their site.  Thanks for the word document.  I was wondering if there is an excel template and if so can you provide that also?

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