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  1. Feedback on checklist for theory of change

    Forum topic

    We have developed a checklist for theory of change which suggests some standards of practice for ... developing, representing and using theories of change for monitoring and evaluation. Please add your comments ...

  2. Theories of change and situation analysis

    Forum topic

    just started the second phase. He asked me how detailed the situation analysis to inform a Theory of Change ... Vogel, The use ofTheory of Change’ in international development ...  ( which speaks at page 40 about the role of evidence in theory of change thinking. A programme that ...

  3. New thematic content pages- what do you think?

    Forum topic

    The BetterEvaluation team have been busy developing a new kind of content- thematic pages- which ... introduce evaluation of a particular sector or theme. We envisage these pages becoming portals in ... climate change adaptation and mitigation results and the second is on evaluating capacity development ...

  4. setting targets for indicators

    Forum topic

    Hi everyone does anyone have any suggestions on how to set targets for indicators? Is there a standard? For example, if a program wanted to reduce maternal morbidity by 30% compared to baseline, how to know that is enough or not... thanks Eva Sarr Forums: ...

  5. What are your two favourite evaluation resources?

    Forum topic

    better evaluation practice. To this end we want to open this discussion thread for us all to share two of ... websites... any thing you feel might be of value to other members of this commnity- including (or perhaps ... for Development Studies and attended by the Secretary of State for International Development. He ...

  6. What do you think of our new front page

    Forum topic

    You may have noticed that the front page is changing. It may not be completely there yet but ... of thinking about how best to present the website to new visitors versus giving regular visitors ...

  7. Enemy-M&E

    Forum topic

    Friend-M&E? Develop and use theories of change for HOW M&E will have its intended results Collaborative ... Technology that leads instead of supports Lack of expertise Methodological chauvinism   How to feed ...

  8. Evaluating networks, partnerships, collaborations, coalitions- what's the difference?

    Forum topic

    One of the recurring questions in this area is what are seen as the differences between networks ...

  9. Innovative M&E Activities/Workshops

    Forum topic

    Hi all,  Just wondering if anyone can direct me towards resources/advice for a target audience that are new to M&E, it's benefits and may be sceptical as to its usefulness. In a workshop environment, has anyone used clever methods or activities t ...

  10. Impact Evaluation Experts in India

    Forum topic

    Hello, I currently am working with the Social Inclusion Group of IL&FS, an Indian ... interventions that can help improve the quality of life of people living in these areas. We currently work ... needs assessment of our various geographies and have now reached the intervention planning and ...