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  1. Global Innovations in Measurement and Evaluation


    This report by NPC highlights their research into the latest developments in theory and practice in measurement and evaluation. The authors found that new thinking, techniques, and technology are influencing and improving practice. This report highlights eight developments that the authors think have the greatest potential to improve evaluation and programme design, and the careful collection and use of data. 

  2. The Seminar Series- A New Rule of Law: Social Intelligence, Open Rights

    29th May, 2015

    A New Rule of Law: Social Intelligence, Open Rights explores the legal and ethical challenges of regulating the contemporary societies that emerged when Big Data encountered Web 3.0. The Seminar Series is being co-hosted by RMIT University's Centre for Applied Social Research and Graduate School of Business and Law.

  3. Big Data and Evaluation- Use and Implications

    12th May, 2015

    Big data is emerging as a new world currency. This form of digital data, generated almost automatically by the online interactions of people and products and services, creates a wealth of constantly updating information that can be used to support decision-making and aid monitoring and evaluation.

  4. Big Data for Development: Challenges & Opportunities

    Discussion paper

    This white paper by UN Global Pulse examines the use of Big Data in development contexts. Using a number of examples, it highlights how this data type can be leveraged to provide early warnings of disruptions and crises, and can give real-time awareness and feedback of situations and interventions. It also delves into a conversation about the implications of Big Data use.

  5. The 11th Evaluation Conference 'Evaluation of Cohesion Policy' Results, challenges, solutions (Cracow, Poland)

    28th September, 2015 to 29th September, 2015

    International Evaluation Conference is an initiative devoted to building evaluation capacity in Poland. It has been organised yearly since 2005 and all the time it constantly attracts a large group of recognised experts in the field of evaluation and related disciplines.

    Also Available In: Polski
  6. Big Data

    Evaluation Option

    Big data refers to data that are so large and complex that traditional methods of collection and analysis are not possible. The amount and variety of big data has increased exponentially over the past decade. 'Data exhaust' is one source, which relates to data produced passively as a byproduct of user interactions with a system, such use of a mobile phone service or Internet banking. Online information is another, giving an indication of human intent, emotions, and wishes by collecting the information contact in web content such as news and social media interactions (e.g., Facebook, blogs, twitter), and online search history. Data can also come from physical sensors such as satellite images and traffic information (UNDP 2013).

  7. Discussion Paper: Innovations in Monitoring and Evaluation

    Discussion paper

    This discussion paper produced by the United Nations Development Programme discusses various innovations that are occurring in M&E, and the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.

  8. Gender equality and big data: Making gender data visible

    Discussion paper

    The report from UN Women, with support from UN Global Pulse, outlines the value of big data for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in relation to women. It presents the benefits of big data (for example, real time data), risks (for example, elite capture and privacy), and policy implications (for example, how it can be incorporated in project cycles from planning to evaluation). It ends with a compendium of gender-related big data projects and their relevance to the SDGs.

  9. What about administrative data?

    17th November, 2016

    In this guest blog, Kerry McCarthy discusses some of the options for finding administrative data sets for use in evaluation.

  10. Big Data and Society: Is It A Game Changer?

    28th November, 2016
    United Kingdom

    The last talk in the University of Essex's Talk Big Data series, this seminar will ask whether Big Data is a game changer, and examine why is Big Data hailed as the answer to so many big questions.