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  1. 52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Using evaluability assessment to improve Terms of Reference

    2nd January, 2013

    Many problems with evaluations can be traced back to the Terms of Reference (ToR) - the statement of what is required in an evaluation.  Many ToRs are too vague, too ambitious, inaccurate or not appropriate.  

  2. BE FAQ: How do I prepare and distribute Request for Proposal and Terms of Reference documents?

    1st June, 2017

    We often get email enquiries asking for advice in preparing the documents used to invite evaluators to prepare proposals to do an evaluation.  These documents have a variety of labels including Request for Proposal (RFP), Terms of Reference (TOR), and Scope of Work (SOW). The advice below focuses on two important aspects in this: writing a good RFP/TOR, and sharing it in ways that will create the best pool of proposals.

  3. How to use BetterEvaluation’s GeneraTOR – A tool for writing a TOR for your evaluation


    Click here to go straight to creating a new TOR and click here for the French version. Note: You'll need to be logged in to create a terms of reference.

  4. Terms of Reference. End of Programme Independent Evaluation


    The document provides an example of a terms of reference for developing an independent evaluation, with instructions on methodology and reporting standards.

  5. Writing Terms of Reference for an Evaluation: A How To Guide


    Developed by the Independent Evaluation Group of The World Bank. It provides a detailed description on how to prepare an evaluation Terms of Reference (ToR) and includes a checklist at the end to help users.

  6. Key Considerations for Managing Evaluations


    This guide from Pact South Africa is aimed at providing an overview of the key considerations that need to be assessed before and during the evaluation process. 

  7. Announcing the IDRC Program Managers' Guide to Evaluation and the GeneraTOR

    27th September, 2016

    We’re excited to announce the launch of the BetterEvaluation and IDRC (International Development Research Centre) Program Managers’ Guide to Evaluation and GeneraTOR. We will be sharing it for the first time at the European Evaluation Society conference in Maastricht this week.  The Guide and the GeneraTOR are available in both English and French.

  8. GeneraTOR


    The GeneraTOR will guide you through writing the different sections of a ToR / RFP. It will generate a word document with your saved information which can then be further refined and/or reviewed by others.

    Below is a screenshot of the GeneraTOR. The left hand side allows you to navigate through the various sections of a ToR. Typically, a good ToR would include these sections and many organisations use them in their standard TOR template.