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  1. Editing Reports for an Audience

    16th August, 2018

    Evaluation reporting is important. While there are many innovative methods to grab your audience's attention, the evaluation report is still an important vehicle to get your key messages across. In this blog, Alice Macfarlan shares her tips for editing a report draft with an audience focus in mind.

  2. Visualise data

    Visualize Data, data viz, dataviz

    Data visualisation is the process of representing data graphically in order to identify trends and patterns that would otherwise be unclear or difficult to discern. Data visualisation serves two purposes: to bring clarity during analysis and to communicate.

  3. Week 13: Producing engaging and accessible evaluation reports

    24th March, 2014

    This week we start the first in an ongoing series of Real-Time Evaluation Queries, where BetterEvaluation members ask for advice and assistance with something they are working on, together we suggest some strategies and useful resources - and then we find out what was actually useful (or not) and why.  

    Recently BetterEvaluation member Rituu B. Nanda  asked us for advice on producing interesting evaluation reports:

  4. Claremont Evaluation Center Professional Development Workshops (multiple workshops and dates)

    15th August, 2018 to 22nd August, 2018
    United States

     This August, the Claremont Evaluation Center is offering its annual Professional Development Workshops, which provide working professionals and students with world-class practical and theoretical training in evaluation and applied research. This longstanding series, taught by leading academics and seasoned practitioners, can be experienced onsite at Claremont Graduate University, or wherever you are, thanks to highly interactive online webcasts. Previous years have consistently brought hundreds of participants to Claremont from across the globe, representing an exciting cross-section of the private and public sectors.

  5. Qualitative Chart Chooser 3.0


    Qualitative Chart Chooser 3.0 is an updated version of Stephanie Evergreen and Jennifer Lyons attempt to organise different ways to show qualitative data. It shows in a simple way what charts are appropriate for the story you want to tell with your data.

  6. Infographics

    Evaluation Option

    An infographic (information graphic) is a way of representing data visually so that the information is able to be quickly and easily understood. Infographics make display the big picture in a simple manner, and can tell a story or message and highlight data patterns, relationships and changes over time.

  7. Three ways to improve your DataViz

    27th March, 2018

    The feature image for this post is from @TerribleMaps.

  8. Evergreen Data


    Stephanie Evergreen's website and blog provides ample reading and guidance on data visualization techniques, taking a research-based approach to effective communication of ideas.

  9. Claremont Evaluation Center's Professional Development Workshop Series in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods

    18th August, 2016 to 23rd August, 2016

    The Claremont Evaluation Center brings you this longstanding series which provides practical and theoretical training in evaluation and applied research through one-day workshops, taught by academics and practitioners from across the globe.

  10. Rule of Thirds Template for Slide Layout


    This blog post by Stephanie Evergreen of Evergreen Data illustrates how to take the classic photography compositional 'rule of thirds' and apply it to the creation of visually powerful slides. Included in this resource is a downloadable template for ease of use in your own power point presentations.